LOEWE has again started production of LED and OLED televisions

After a turbulent period due to Covid-19

Machines and assembly lines built by IPA International are a solid production base in a changing and turbulent world.

After a turbulent period due to Covid-19, LOEWE has again started production of LED and OLED televisions.

Since the end of this production halt, IPA’s production lines have worked perfectly. The first line was built in 1999, and the second in 2009.

The second assembly line is still “state of the art”, top quality!  We see here an island production.  Here the assembly line closes automatically when there is a product change in the production.  Then the assembly line receives the product and the production line opens again.  This way it possible to reach all sides of large TV screens, up to 75 inch, when the product is lying flat.

In the final assembly the operator can adjust the height of the assembly line, depending on the size of the TV (standing up) and the necessary working position.  The carrier in which the TV stands changes height automatically when the operator sends the product further. When the correct height has been reached, the product is automatically transported out of the production line.