We help you to produce more efficiently and creatively.

This is how we do it:


What are your ideas? What do you want? What is the present situation and what about the future?


If there is uncertainty about how and what, we analyze the situation further (usually billed).


A (part) offer is made by IPA International.


Fine! We start with a Kick-off meeting: all is coordinated.

Engineering review

During the engineering phase, several reviews are held with you (electronic, mechanical and software).

Assembly by IPA

All parts are ordered and then assembled by us. We hope you come and look!

Delivery by IPA

When ready, there is an official pre-delivery by us.

Assembly by you

If the order includes installation, our mechanics will assemble the installation by you.

Final delivery

Delivery of the installation and start-up of production. The machine is now yours.

Documentation and as-built

All technical drawings are handed over to you.

Do you like what you see?

Maybe our creative solutions can be part of your production process.

For more information call:
Gert-Jan Hollestelle
+31 (0)226-335010 (Dutch, German, English)

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